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Review and understand Nevada law on agency and learn how agency relationships are created and disclosed. Analyze various sections of a brokerage agreement and review and complete the Duties Owed by a Nevada Real Estate Licensee and Consent to Act disclosures.

This course will review the duties that were owed and that were breached using case studies to understand the consequences if an agent does not fulfill their duty; does not do something they were supposed; does something they are not supposed to do; or does something they are supposed to do but does it negligently.

Understand the elements of a contract and how to avoid misunderstandings. Analyze and discuss various portions of the Residential Purchase Agreement, Listing Agreement, the Duties Owed, and the Consent to Act along with emphasis from case studies and disciplinary actions.

Understand the elements concerning vacant land, title exceptions, easements, legal descriptions, survey, and a review of the Vacant Land Purchase Agreement, listing agreement and various disclosures. 

A review of the legislative process, regulatory agencies including the Real Estate Division, the complaint process, and using case studies as examples, laws regarding fair housing, advertising, and RESPA.  

The 81st (2021) session of the Nevada Legislature passed multiple laws that will have a direct impact on both licensees, customers, and clients. This course will review the most relevant legislative updates that occurred during session.

We will review the process in which an ethics complaint is filed and reviewed by the local association and learn ways to mitigate ethics violations using case studies and examples. This course fulfills the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics training requirements. 

This course reviews the history and principles of the Federal Fair Housing Act; the most common claims and complaints against licensees to recognize and mitigate similar situations.  This course fulfills the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics training requirements. 

A review of the 12 most common claims and complaints filed against a licensee or broker. Recognize risks associated with those claims using case studies to mitigate similar situations.

This course reviews and examines real estate fraud case studies and empirical data from state and federal agencies concerning financial fraud and crimes to help us recognize red flags and avoid future fraud. 

This course reviews and examines essential elements of NRS 645 and NAC 645 regarding trust fund accounting and record-keeping along with discussions regarding methods to mitigate financial risks and safeguard client monies and trust funds. 

Our industry is targeted by hackers let's review and understand the principles of cyber and information security to identify vulnerabilities to develop strategies to mitigate risks and exposure. 

Gain an understanding of the various aspects of financial crimes impacting the real estate industry, licensee responsibility when processing and handling financial matters and money belonging others to ensure reporting and statutory compliance.

We review the process by which the Nevada Real Estate Commission conducts disciplinary hearings as well as review actual cases to gain an understanding of misconduct by licensees and implement standards to mitigate future risk.

Learn how to recognize issues; mitigate risk to avoid potential delays in closing by understanding the importance of various title products; comprehensive review of a title report/commitment including clouds on title, defects and ownership matters which may impede a closing.

Explore the process and what constitutes an IRC §1031 tax delayed exchange, review important rules and regulations and understand the different types of property that is deemed "like-kind"; learn to easily recognize exchange situations all to better serve the public.